Two And A Half Men’s Ratings Continue to Drop and Charlie Sheen is “Loving it”!

Charlie Sheen is….LOVIN’ IT!!

Two and a Half Men is not as successful as hoped, and Sheen took this opportunity to weigh in.  Sheen let TMZ know exactly how he was feeling,

‘I’m extremely disappointed with how they’re handling what I left behind,

‘He’s doing the best he can, I don’t think the role is cursed.’

The show with all the hoopla and fan fare premiered at an earth shattering 27.7 million heads tuning in.  Last week the numbers were down to 14.85 million.

Sheen truly hasn’t gotten what he secretly hopes for, which is slumping below the 12.7 million people average….which was his number last season.  That would be just icing on Sheen’s case.

Sheen’s swag is still on high and it can be confirmed when asked about his new show, “Anger Management”

‘We’re going to start [filming] in January, he said, everything they’re not getting right now.’


At first I thought the Ashton Cheating scandal was driving ratings down, but after taking an honest look at the show – it’s just not funny anymore.  The jokes come off as crass and trying way too hard.  The easy comedic flow between Alan, Jake and Sheen’s character just cannot be replicated with Kutcher.

Kutcher’s talents are limited and it’s obvious in this role.  I never appreciated how good Charlie Sheen was until now, which makes the whole entire money earning debacle that much more of a tragedy.

Charlie will have his day, because the numbers will continue to dwindle, casual fans have dropped out and have been replaced with Kutcher fans.  True fans are holding on, but it’s hard to watch your favorite show get butchered so they too will drop out.  However, even at 10 million viewers per episode in today’s ratings race that’s still a great night.


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