Kutcher and Cryer Lip Lock for Ratings on Two and a Half Men[ video]

I'm not impressed!

As I said, I’m not impressed. To me the show is struggling and is losing fans by the week.  Although it is still beating out Charlie Sheen’s weekly average, the show has dropped significantly in ratings.  It premiered at 22.7 million and is now down to about 14.85 million compared to Sheen’s 12.7 million household average. As you will see from the clip, the laughs are hard to come by, Kutcher timing is horrible and Cryer tires to carry him which pushes him beyond his comedic talents.

The man on man kiss was to do exactly what it did – get press.  I’m not sure if a gossip blog qualifies, but it was a cheap, unfunny, unnecessary tactic and just shows how much of a pimp Sheen really was.  I feel sad for Ashton, but not too sad because kiss or no kiss, his check is fat!

Peep the clip – the smooch happens at 2:40 mark.


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