Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again for Domestic Violence

Michael Lohan – Like Daughter, LIke Father!

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Lindsay Lohan’s Pops, Michael Lohan was arrested this morning for domestic violence. 

In Tampa, between 1 and 2 AM police were called to his apartment in regards to an argument Michael Lohan was having with his on and off again girlfriend.    

She has been identified as Kate Major, (who is rumored to have dated Jon of Kate Plus 8 fame – ick!).  I guess Jon likes Kates!


When police arrived on the scene it was just like an episode of cops.  As they rolled up, they could hear Majors yelling “Stop” and “Leave me alone”.  Lohan was wearing only shorts and was breathing hard and sweating. 

When he sees the police he says,

“Everything is OK and nothing happened here

Ok, and I’m just a sweaty lunatic, please believe me.  When they reached Majors, she had some redness on her arms and both her arms and knees were bruised.  The bathroom door was dented from what it looked like was someone’s head!

After police interviewed Majors for their report they learned that this had been a two day event.  Lohan arrived Sunday, and Majors let him spend the night and  they ended up arguing that night.  She then explained where dents in the bathroom door came from.  They were actually form Micheal Lohan head.  During the Sunday argument, he got crazy and started banging his head on the door until his forehead started to bleed. 

He then says if Majors calls the police, he would say that she did that too him. 

The next day – this was last night; he got angry again, because she wouldn’t give him a B.J.  Yes, do I really have to spell it out?


When she refused he…as they say…. “Became Violent”. He began to push and pull her and said that he would slit both of their wrists.  He then threatened to throw Majors off the balcony and threw the remote control at her.

He also smashed her cell phone, luckily she was able to contact the police from a land line.  (People still have those????)


After getting cuffed Michael Lohan begin complaining of chest pains, and the squad car detoured to St. Joseph’s hospital.  After he was checked and found with a case of bull-szhit-itis, he was cleared by the hospital and taken to the Hillsborough County Jail. 


It appears that Mr. Lohan has a thing for slapping woman around, or at least this woman around.  This isn’t the first time that he’s been charged or accused:

MARCH 2011 – Michael Lohan was arrested after the police were called regarding a domestic dispute.  He was found walking on a nearby street and taken downtown.  He complained about chest pains then, and was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical center before being cleared.  De Ja Vu!

Celebrity Rehab – Major decided to participate in a therapy session with Lindsay to help her in her recovery.  When Major pulled out of the session early, Michael Lohan chased her down and as they say…..  “became violent”. 

JULY 2010 – Michael Lohan allegedly kicked Major in the face!  That was his fiancé then, at least she was smart enough not to marry this bum. He said that the reason for the incident was because she drained his bank account. 


Michael & Kate during Happier Times

He is still being held with NO Bail set.  The case will be going in front of a judge today!  I hope they lock his punk-ass up!


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