‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ Editor Arrested on Child Pornography Charges during Police Sting

This is the 2nd child porn story this week.  The worse is that this guy worked around kids, lots and lots of kids.  He was the editor for kids shows on TLC.

He was part of a North Carolina Sting called Operation Spyglass.  He’s one of 24 men who got popped for possession and distribution of child pornography.

56 year old William “Bill” Blankinship has been arrested and charged on 10 counts of child pornography.

He is accused of third degree sex exploitation of a minor, which means he possessed material containing a visual representation of a minor engaging in sexual activity.

Not only did Bill work on “Jon and Kate” he also did editing for “17 kids and counting” and Table for 12.  That’s like Rosie O’Donnell doing the editing for Cake Boss.  People have to be freaked out after hearing this because I certainly am.


The State Bureau of Investigation received a tip in August about child pornography and found that a computer used to download images since March was connected to an account at 1909 McDonald Lane, according to a search warrant.

Two computers and three hard drives were seized in a search of the home, and SBI agents found more than 200 files depicting suspected child exploitation and abuse that were available for distribution, according to a search warrant.

Among the others that were arrested during Operation Spy Glass, an active-duty Marine, a teacher, and a firefighter.

In one case, Cooper said, investigators raided a house and found a young girl being physically abused. In other cases, authorities seized computers containing thousands of illegal photos and videos of abused children.  They however don’t go into details of the Operaton, just that it involves cooperation from  the internet providers and the latest technology.

Blankinship was not a direct employee for TLC but he worked for a company called Figure 8 Films.  Of course they fired him after hearing about the allegations.

They stated quite clearly,

“Bill Blankinship was employed by Serious Robots, with whom Figure 8 Films subcontract for editing services. Upon learning of the shocking allegations his employment was terminated. At no time was this man ever in the field or in direct contact with any of the talent for any of our productions.”

Yeah..he just looked at hours and hours of footage of kids everyday.  I love the statement from the editing company.  He wasn’t charged with rape, he was charged for possessing and distributing porn so direct contact is not needed.  All he needs is pictures of children, which he had in bundles.

Their statement is useless.  He had the perfect job that fulfilled his perverted needs, I bet he “loved” coming to work.  Yikes!!



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