Bubba Smith’s Cause of Death Revealed: He Overdosed on Diet Pills

Bubba Smith Back in 1999

Looks like Bubba Smith didn’t want to be “Chubby Smith”. He died from taking too many diet pills.

Initially the cause of death was thought to be natural causes. The 66 year old, 6ft. 7 inch NFL star was discovered on August 2nd after a caretaker knocked on Smith’s door and received no answer. The police were called and Smith was dead when they arrived, so naturally they assumed the death was of natural causes.


An autopsy was performed and It appears that Bubba Smith had phentermine in his system. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner, he died of “acute phentermine intoxication”.
Toxicology experts say that the fact that it was “acute” suggests Smith’s death didn’t result from buildup of taking the medication over a span of weeks or months. Rather, multiple pills consumed rapidly.

Phentermine was the same drug found in Fen-Phen, which has been banned from the US. The drug reportedly caused irregular heartbeats which caused overheating and then eventually the person collapses.

It’s not clear why Bubba was trying to slim down but he apparently dieted to death.

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