Sinead O’Connor calls Twitter Addicting and Quits!

She had a twitter account?  Another celebrity just can’t handle all of those characters.  140!!  OMG.  I…..just…..can’t … it.

Shine Head O’ Connor has joined the ranks of Ashton “I can’t control my twitter” Kutcher and quits twitter.  Her reason? Too much abuse.  She says during an interview with V Magazine,

‘I’ve stopped Twitter now because, although it was fun for a while, I had to stop because I was getting too much abuse.’

‘Some people just take things so seriously, and things I was being funny about they would take terribly seriously.

‘Plus, it’s a bit of an addiction; you got to stop it at some point and get on with living.’

It sounds like she’s got emotional issues she needs to deal with.  For instance, when she and her third husband broke up, she hit twitter, tweeting how much she needed sex and that her boyfriend search was still on adding…

‘If any1 wants a suicidal tourettes ridden fat ugly lunatic with a big fat flappy *****.’

At least she is honest with herself.  OH!

She would post these tweets about suicide often enough to concern some and entertain others.  She said it was like a 50/50 split,

‘Half the country was amused because it was funny, and the other half were very serious and just took it terrible seriously.

‘So there was a fair bit of abuse and I thought, wait, it’s actually okay for me to be me, we can all be whoever we are.’

So now she has put the twitter down, and wrote a song about it entitled.

How About I Be Me, And You Be You.

For some reason, I don’t believe her.  Let me check……ok, no tweets since Oct 5th.


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