Ryan Seacrest is being Sued by a Cast Member from his New Show, “Shahs of Sunset”.

Shahs of Sunset is a new reality show that Ryan Seacrest is producing.  It follows the affluent Persian community.

One of the stars, Kathy Salem, says that she was forced to play the “bad’ girl.  Salem says that she was a target as the show decided to film a night out at a club.  When Salem decides to make friendly conversation with an engaged man the cast of the show started to go at her, “Bad Girls” style.

The verbal tirade escalated and she was verbally attacked, had drinks poured in her face and someone even tried to rip her top off.

Salem is suing Seacrest, his production company and TV station Bravo, demanding at least $100,000 in damages.

Bravo and head man in charge, Andy Cohen, are excited about the series.

 ‘The series follows a group of young Persian-American friends – and this is a community that exists all over the place, but if you live in LA you know that the Persian-American community is really strong.’

‘It’s really family oriented. It’s really affluent. This is a really cool, fun, funny group of people you brought to us Ryan, and I’m hoping that this is going to be our next big docu-series, and something that we’re going to be doing for a while!’

‘They also spend a lot of money. You know its great because Bravo is always putting a spotlight on different affluent lifestyles. This is a group of people that doesn’t exist on television anywhere, and that is another reason that I’m excited to do the show. Its new, and different.’

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to watch it now! It sounds like it’s going to be hot, high fashion beyatches hating each other.

That’s my type of reality show.



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