Sam Poueu on the Road to Recovery, Tweets to his Fans

You remember Sam right?  He might be my all-time favorite “Biggest Loser” contestant.  Well if you haven’t heard, he fell of a ladder earlier in September.  It was described as a ladder but it was actually a fire escape.

Sam was on the roof of a friend’s apartment when he realized he was locked out.  He began to climb down the fire Escape and ended up falling several stories to the ground.  He suffered head injuries, a pelvic injury, a broken leg and a punctured lung.

Saturday was the first time he spoke to his fans (via Twitter).

‘Excited 2 give my 1st update. I’ve read ur messages & they’re heart warming. It’s been tough. It’s been a struggle. But u help me fight on.’

After the “Biggest Loser” Sam was getting his life into gear.  The 25 year old used to be a security guard before the show.  After losing 136 pounds he became a personal trainer and proposed and moved in with fellow contestant Stephanie (Anderson).

Let’s just hope that he doesn’t take on the weight he loss.  Injuries are one of the leading reasons people go through drastic weight gain.  I’m not sure if the Biggest Loser does Re-dos.



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