OWN Reveals Release Date for New show, “Oprah’s Next Chapter”

The Big “O” is ready to pull another rabbit out of her hat.  What the viewers want, and what they need is more Oprah and she is answering the call.  On January 1st 2012 Oprah will be launching “Oprah’s Next Chapter”.

Does it sound like the old Oprah Show?  Oprah thinks not.  She says,

“After 25 years I got myself out of the studio chairs. I moved into the next chapter, and I am having more fun than ever – moving around the country and the world talking to people I’m really interested in getting to know and I think viewers will be, too,”

The first episode which will air one year after the launch of the network will feature the flamboyant Steven Tyler.  Oprah will tour the American Idol judges New Hampshire house, Cribs Style, and find out what makes the crazy Tyler Tick.

When she says “not sitting on chairs” she is implying that the show will feature many of the interviews on location with newsmakers, celebrities, and though leaders.

Through the power of the “O” she has already signed on several A listers: Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Sean Penn, George Lucas and Paula Deen.

Don’t get too hyped up, this Oprah show will only run once a week, on Sunday.    Let’s hope with Gayle leaving that this is the boost that Oprah needs.  I would be surprised if OWN is around in 2014.

What do you think?



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