Rosie O”Donnell and Michelle Rounds Announce Engagement

Back in September I reported how Rosie met her new girlfriend at a Starbucks in Manhattan, well now Rosie is taking that relationship to another level.  She popped the question and is officially engaged to Michelle Rounds.

Rosie announced the news during a commercial break while taping her show and the tweeted a pic of Michelle rockin her new ring.

The couple plans on getting hitched during the Christmas holiday although there haven’t been any venues confirmed as of yet.

The media describes Michelle Rounds as a business woman but she is actually a head hunter for a tech company.  I think she is a business woman because she is marrying a millionaire.  Why else could she be with Rosie?

When it comes to Rosie O’Donnell, I’m with Donald Trump.  She is a fat, disgusting cow.  Period.  How she managed to pull Michelle Rounds, who in my opinion and in Rosie’s own words, out of her league, I will never know.  She looks well younger than her 40 years.

I guess I can’t hate, so I will congratulate.  Congrats Rosie, let’s hope this one lasts.


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