Lady Gaga Goes to The White House with Her Bull – I Mean, Anti-Bull.

Lady Gaga took to the White House today to discuss her anti-bullying campaign.  But….there was no President Obama.  Instead, she had to settle for meeting with the administration staffers.

Personally I’m not sure why she had to go to the White House.  I get why she’s supporting anti-bullying; it’s personal to Lady Gaga because she was made fun of for being different when she grew up (as she tells it).  I’m just not sure if the White House is necessarily the right place to go for your cause.

She specifically met with Valerie Jarret, one of Obama’s senior advisors.  Jarret seemed to think that everything went extremely well and updated the White House website with all of this positive “Mumbo Jumbo” about the visit, that said a lot but didn’t really say nothing.  For instance,

“As we continue protecting our children, we look forward to working with Lady Gaga, the Born This Way Foundation, and with every American who is willing to help make our society more kind, inclusive, and equal,”

Ok that’s great, the headlines that she was at the White House are great but you are Lady Gaga.  Set up a program, put out some free commercials and do a benefit concert or two where you raise funds and get the ball in play yourself.  Tiger Woods has his own foundation, he built 35,000 sq ft. learning centers in DC and Southern California – the White House goes to him for help.

If you wait around for the White House then a lot of kids will be getting their lunch money stolen by the Gooch while parents sit around and think change is being made much faster then it really is.  Quite frankly I prefer her to go to the White House to about the economy and leave the bullying to the parents.  At least that’s something we can control.


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