Janet Jackson Signs on to be Nutrisystems newest Rep.

Janet Jackson is the newest celebrity to sign on with a diet system.  Nutrisystem has joined with the 45 year old Jackson who was on Good Morning America discussing how Nutrisystem encouraged her weight loss.

She said that even when she was Penny on “Good Times” that there was pressure on her because her butt was getting “too” big.  We have seen her go through extreme weight changes as an adult ballooning up and then getting in tip top shape in preparation for a tour.

Now with Nutrisystem, she explains that she is focused on more than just weight loss but maintenance as well.

 ‘It’s a matter of learning how to keep it off, that maintenance and they have a program for that, My success plan is to be healthy and feel good about me.’

Remember when Janet had that crazy body when she was on tour?  The six pack and everything?  She still was not happy.

‘I didn’t like it. We always find something wrong in us. Somewhere. If it’s not our arms, it is our thighs… I would pick myself apart,’

Jackson previously has been training with Dolvett Quince (from the biggest Loser) who got her ready for her Up Close and Personal tour.  Although she is a few pounds heavier she has kept a healthy weight by eating right and continuing to exercise.  She has finally come to a place where she is happy with herself and her size.  The perfect time for her to represent Nuturisystem.

Here is her piece from Good Morning America.