John McCain Endorses President Obama… A Mistake! [video]

Last week Mitt Romney got a huge endorsement, from none other then Ex-Presidential Candidate John McCain.  Now that Romney had an Ace in the hole, he decided to hit the campaign trail with his Trump card.  Friday the dynamic duo were at a rally in Charleston, South Carolina, when John McCain made a huge blunder.  Some say, perhaps a Freudian slip.

From the mouth of McCain himself,

“I am confident with the leadership and the backing of the American people, President Obama will turn this country around,”

Oblivious to what he had just said wrong, the crowd is not happy and makes it known until McCain is told of his error, after which he whimpers out,

“President Romney”

OOPS!  Must have had a Senior moment.  The only problem is, in 2012, Senior moments get millions of views on Youtube.

Enjoy the clip.


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