Secret White House Halloween Party of 2009 Photos Leaked Online [photos]

Weather you lean right or left, I don’t care, well I do, but I’m not turning this into a political blog. I just want to show you the pictures of the much talked about Halloween party that occurred at the White House back in 2009.  It really wasn’t that big of a deal, if you ask me.

The big Hoopla is that it was kept under wraps….mums the word.

I think that was a mistake, because it’s hard to keep anything a secret.  Then when you are going to have kids, Johnny Depp & Tim Burton, it’s going to be even harder.  The fact that these photos came out 2 years later is crazy.  I bet they were held so they could be released during election year.

But lets be real,  you might want to talk Smack about Obama for a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them.  Do you think the White House paid to have Tim Burton and Johnny Depp show up?  All those decorations and crap from Tim Burton’s movie, do you think they paid for that?

With unemployment at 10% at the time, even if Obama paid for it himself, it was probably a good idea not to publicize it.

My two cents – If you are going to have the party then have it, if you feel you can’t talk about it then don’t have it. You can’t just have it, and then don’t talk about.  That’s the worse combo, and that’s what happened.

Either way, here are the pics!

….and Thank God Obama didn’t wear a costume.  He would have never lived that down.








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