Paula Deen to Reveal Type 2 Diabetes on the Today Show, Novartis Denies Claims of Deen as a Spokesperson.

Paula Deen is about to spill the beans! Finally.  We reported back in April of last year that the cherubic chef had Type 2 diabetes, but had been hiding it from the public for nearly 2 years, while she encouraged her fans to whip up the fattiest treats on earth.  Referring to butter


Tuesday she will be on the TODAY Show to come clean.  The rumors that she is the spokeswoman for Novartis drug have not been substantiated.  I do my homework, and despite everyone’s blogging and yapping about Novartis, the company says that they have no connection with Paula Deen.

I thought maybe that might just be stall tactics so that Tuesday they can announce the partnership, but they said they have no plans on working with Paula,

“The rumors that Novartis has signed a multi-million dollar spokesperson deal with Paula Deen for a diabetes treatment are not true, Novartis is not working with Ms. Deen.”

Paula has not released a statement herself either.

Then why is she coming to the Today Show?

Maybe it’s to address Anthony Bourdain’s rant about her cooking.  Not only did he say that her food sucked, he also stated that she is,

 “The worst, most dangerous person to America is clearly Paula Deen, She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she’s proud of the fact that her food is f—ing bad for you.”

Yikes!  Maybe it’s another drug company, or a new book.  She will be with Al Roker who had Gastric Bypass surgery, so eating healthy and weight gain are hot topics for him.


Paula has in recent weeks put slightly healthier recipes on her website, admitted to Dr. Oz that she has smoked for the last 50 years and endorsed her son Bobby’s new book.  A healthy version of his mom’s cookbooks, called “Not My Mama’s Meals.”

Despite his mom, feeding him full Southern Fried Fat, he appears to be in pretty decent shape. Maybe this is a new leaf for Paula.  She will be turning 65 next week so her time for a healthier life is now.


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