ABC Cancels “Work It” after offending Transgenders and birthing the Movement “Boricuas for a Positive Image”.

ABC should just hire me before they decide to put up money for any crazy show.  You can read my review of “Work It” if you really want to know how bad it is….umm…was.

Only after 2 episodes, they took the axe to it, and that might have been two episodes too late.  If it’s any indication how bad it is, the second episode was called, “Shake Your Money Maker”.

But we have all seen bad shows that have received good ratings and stayed around for a season or two.  Well for “Work It” that wasn’t the case.  The show debuted to a 2.0 rating and then dropped 20 percent to a 1.6 for it’s 2nd episode.


It means that for all of the households that have Nielsen boxes, only 1.6 percent of those had a TV tuned into that show.

THE START OF A MOVEMENT: Boricuas for a Positive Image

I also commented on the writers reaching for laughs, and in doing so they made a Puerto Rican joke,

“I’m Puerto Rican … I’d be great at selling drugs.”

That ignited a movement.  Only 2% of the people watched the show, but it enraged the NY Puerto Rican community enough to form  “Boricuas for a Positive Image”. Of course, with Tweets, and Facebook posts they were able to rally some protesters to wait outside ABC studios.  Even though the show was cancelled, they decided to do it again last week, and will protest a third time this Thursday until they receive an apology.

This isn’t the first time that ABC has been under attack for racially discriminating against Latinos.  George Lopez was pissed when they pulled the plug on his show. He was quoted as saying,

“TV just became really, really white again,”

“So a chicano can’t be on TV, but a caveman can?”

That’s right, they replaced George Lopez with the Cavemen show….which by the way, lasted 13 episodes, 11 more the Work It.

Seems ABC cant’ win with the Latinos, they have pissed off the Transgendered, I’m just waiting for the black community to find something to be pissed at so they have a perfect Tri-fecta.


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