Rosie Huntington Whiteley – Animale fashion show in Sao Paulo Brazil

Admittedly I have never seen Rosie in her element.  In fact, i didn’t even really know who she was until she was casted in Transformers.  Then I heard Jason Statham was dating her I had to do a double take.  The two have a twenty year age difference.  Statham at age 43, and Rosie at age 23, make an intriguing pair.  Mentally I don’t see them connecting, but physically Statham looks and acts like a 33 year old, which makes him just “too old” for Rosie, instead of being “Way too Old”.  I have to say, looking at these photos of Rosie doing her thing in Sao Paulo, she definitely carries a certain maturity to her.  Jason….I ain’t mad at ya!!

Statham lookin’ Crazy Gangsta with his Boo!

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