Heidi Klum & Seal Divorce Rumors Gaining Some Steam – Say It Ain’t So!


I typically wait until there is confirmation, especially since this is one that I am surprised about.  However after about 30 text messages and reports from the Huffington Post, TMZ and Gossip Cop, I figured there might be enough truth to post it as a rumor.

Now TMZ is reporting that Heidi will be filing in Los Angeles next week.  Of course the reason will be “irreconcilable differences”.

There has been no tweets from @heidiklum, nothing from their publicist or the couple. They tweeted a picture of themselves just days after Christmas, smiling and as happy as could be.

Aspen, December 27th. All Smiles!


It seems like they have been married forever.  It was actually in 2005 when they sealed the deal on a beach in Mexico.  I think it’s sad because they were true love, or at least represented true love.  It was beauty and the beast.  Klum was able to find the beauty in Seal, and the couple went on to have 3 children together and Seal adopted Heidi’s oldest child.

They met when Heidi was pregnant with her oldest daughter Leni.  The baby’s father is an Italian businessman named Flavio Briatore.

Flavio is crazy gangster, crazy paid.  He was 53 at the time and Heidi was 30.  Flavio now 58, is married to 28 year old model Elisabetta Gregoraci


Seal proposed to Heidi in an Igloo, that he hand built on a glacier.  (CRAZY SWAG).  Their kids range from ages 2 to 7.

Besides throwing their annual Halloween Party, they renewed their vows every year. Seal was quoted in regards to their annual ritual,

It’s a great party, but for about an hour, we go off on our own down to a private beach.  we sit there with the kids and read vows to each other as the sun sets.  It’s a very special moment to us.

This is the second marriage for Heidi, who was married to Ric Pipino.  That ended in divorce back in 2002.


According to celebrity net worth Klum is worth $70 Million.  This is totally believable, especially since Forbes has her in at earning $20 Million last year.  CNW has Seal in at just $15 Million.

This really sucks, part of me is hoping that on Monday they send out a tweet, saying the whole thing is made up.  So far there is nothing official.  I have to admit, I brought into the whole thing.  The love, the renewing the vows, and that celebrity marriage is possible.  I’m still in, I won’t believe they are divorcing, until I read a statement from their publicist. You would think, as a gossip blogger, that nothing would surprise me, I guess that’s not the case.


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