Kris Humphries Fires PR Firm 73 days after his 72 day Marriage.

Hump is finding his balls these days.  He’s fired his whole PR team.  Enough was enough.

Anderson Group Public Relations was the company that handled or should I say mis-handled his public image.  The Anderson Group was hired after the high profile divorce, and rumor has it, AGPR and Humphries weren’t seeing eye to eye.

Anderson Group was started by Liza Anderson.  The six year old firm boasts handling high profile stars such as India Eisley, Will Estes and Eva Longoria.  Humphries felt that there was a strategic difference on how the 72 day marriage should be handled.  The PR firm was not happy with Kris either, they made reference to him brushing off questions regarding Kim Kardashian and their marriage on Good Morning America.  I guess that was not part of the plan.

I personally thought he handled the interview well.  He was there to promote cooking with his mom, and got ambushed with all kind of Kim K. questions by Matt Lauer, including, “Do You Still Love her”.

Starting back in December, Kris has been booed and jeered during NBA games across the country.  The reason you hire a PR firm is so that doesn’t happen.  He is said to have already replaced AGPR with another high profile NY firm.

Done with the spotlight, he just wants to concentrate on his NBA career.

At least Kris ended this marriage, although it was only 1 day longer than his real one.


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