Jerry Seinfeld Interview – “I Never Felt Great Being at that Pinnacle”

During the Showtime Series “Inside Comedy”, David Steinberg – (who is just dreadful in this clip), interviews comedian Jerry Seinfeld.  Seinfeld explains how being on top is dangerous for a comedian.  You are either a star or a comedian, there are no comedic stars in his eyes.

Seinfeld also discusses how he has inserted himself in the middle, because it’s a comfortable place for him.

“I left LA and I tried to break back into the middle… and that’s made me feel comfortable. To be honest with you, I never felt great being at that pinnacle. There was a point where the show was really at a very high level of, it was a thing. It was the thing for a period of time. And I thought, this is not good, because it’s not where I belong. This is not comedy. I always thought comedy and star are mutually exclusive.”

If you think it’s all smack, just think, it’s reported that Seinfeld turned down $5 million per episode to do a 10th, 22 episode season.


Jerry today can do just about whatever Jerry wants. According to Forbes he is worth over $800 million.  The Seinfeld TV show empire has grossed over $2.7 billion, and Seinfeld earns a whopping $65 to $80 Million a year on reruns.

Since the Seinfeld days Jerry has actually been somewhat busy but not that busy:

  • Jerry has co-wrote, co-produced and starred in the Bee Movie.
  • He had a short lived reality show called The Marriage Ref.
  • Directed Colin Quinn on Broadway’s Long Story Short
  • Still has one of the worlds largest Porsche collections which is stored in a $1.4 Million Manhattan garage.

Here’s the clip


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