Rihanna’s New Tattoo – Thug LIfe? On Her Knuckles? Really?

Rihanna hit up a Tattoo parlor in LA yesterday to get a new Tat.  Although it doesn’t look half done, it appears to say “Thug Life”.

Now……I hope this isn’t real.  I hope it’s just some temporary thing for a video, because RiRi is a lot of things, but Thug does not come to mind.  I can go to any Martin Luther, give a 14 year old girl a pack of Now & Laters and a Chico-Stick and they would whoop Rihanna’s butt from here back to Barbados.


Do you think when she’s 45 she is going to want to look at Thug Life on her knuckles?  Who does she think she is Danny Trejo, who she also happened to run into at the parlor.  Now this mutha can get Thug Life anywhere he wants.  I think if you Google the words “thug Life” Danny Trejo’s picture comes up right after Tupac and just before Chuck Norris!!



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