Sales of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” Increases by 490% After Obama’s Rendition

Al Green should be sending a Thank You letter to the President.  After Obama’s Youtube viral crooning of the singer’s hit, “Let’s Stay Together”, Billboard is reporting that sales have increased 490%.  In the week ending Jan. 22, the song sold 16,000 downloads, the best week for that song since SoundScan has been tracking downloads, which goes back to 2003.

I say Obama should have kicked off his speech Wednesday with that, instead of  his lead in “Bin Laden is no longer a threat”.

When Bilboard asked Al Green his thoughts about the President performing his classic, Green stated,

 I was thrilled that the President mentioned my name and that if he can get the economy going and do all that he wants to do, then we will ALL be together.

Umm….but Al, what did you think about the performance???  He never answers the question directly!! Al Green might be the true politician.  In case you missed it, here is the President’s Panty Dropping performance…..


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