Klum, Heidi & Seal

Heidi Klum Breaks her Silence, Sort Of….Not Really.

Heidi Klum finally breaks her silence today.  How does she do it?


Just when we thought we wouldn’t be hearing anything form the leggy German, she hits us with a tweet.

Hi everyone, I want to thank u for all your support & kind words.Really means so much. Thanks again…to the best fans in the world! xoHeidi’ she wrote on the social networking site.


What?  That’s it?  I waited a week and a half for that?

While Seal is promoting getting back together more than his new album, Heidi has just been cool.  Either she has good lawyers or she just doesn’t have much to say.

After rumors that Seal’s anger was the cause of the separation Seal has gone on Piers and Ellen professing his love and allegiance to the marriage.  As he told Piers,

‘I love her with all my heart. How can you not somebody who you have just spent eight years with?’

Nice Try buddy, but you are still in the dog house. In regards to getting back together, Seal says

You can never say never. I can’t speak for my wife and I’m not going to sit here and BS you and say we haven’t had problems.’

Just like you guys have BS’d the public with the phony image for all these years.

They are both still rockin’ their wedding rings, that’s gotta mean something. I’m still stalking her twitter.  If anything pops off, I will let you know.


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