Amber Portwood – Plea Bargain Gets Teen Mom out of Jail Sentence…At Least For Now.

I can’t fully hate on Amber because she does have a drug problem, but it was great to see her in the orange striped jail suit.  I might have privately fist pumped as the photo came across my i-phone.  She had cuffs on her hands and ankles as she was led into the Madison County Court in Anderson, Indiana.

After seeing the episode where she is just hitting Gary, and then watching her prance around like she’s all that….it was too much to take.  Justice has literally been served.


She pleaded guilty to Felony possession of a controlled substance and parole violation.  The 21 year old was sentenced to 5 years in the big house.

However – she still got off easy, IMO.  It was a plea bargain.  For those who are not familiar with the justice system…and I hope that’s most of you….if she pleads guilty to those charges she gets a lighter sentence.  In this case it’s a Drug rehab program instead of jail.  If she completes it, the case will be dismissed, if she fails, then she will do the five years.

‘I know it is going to be hard but I have a lot to lose – I have a daughter,’

‘All I can do is try, I have a lot of people behind me.’

‘I have been doing pills for eight years, since I was 13, and since then I have never been drug free until I detoxed.

‘I think about my daughter all the time and I did not really do that before, I always thought about when I was going to get more pills.

‘I am just a better person when I am off them. I remember when I was sober after rehab I was happier then too.

‘The pills were out of control, I was taking ten pills at a time. I want my life back, that was not me.’


I had no idea that she was making six figures, but the judge did.  Despite her earnings, with no high school diploma, or real job for that matter, she will now have to work a real job in the drug rehab program.   The Judge made it crystal clear,

‘You have been in the very unusual circumstances of a young person making a lot of money and not holding down a real job,’ Judge Happe told her.

‘You understand that most people without a high school education do not make $100,000 plus a year?

‘You have to understand that you will be expected to hold down a real job in this program.’

She was also ordered to set up a $10,000 college fund for her daughter.  After I did some digging and find out exactly how much Amber has been making.   MTV paid her $140,000 per season for two seasons.  Amber banked $280,000.  Not bad for being irresponsible and getting preggers at 16.

It wasn’t enough to keep her out of trouble.  Hey MTV how about a new show, “21 and Rehabbing”.  I better be careful they might actually create it.


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