Gisele Replaces Eli Manning as Patriots Enemy No. 1 [video]

I knew it, Patriots and Patriot fans are pissed.  Gisele committed a cardinal sin.  There is an unwritten code of silence that Gisele had no intentions of obeying Sunday night.

In response to the fans yelling,

“Eli Manning owns your husband.”

The Brazilian supermodel shouted back,

“You are supposed to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball, My husband cannot…throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.”

After the comments were made, well known sports personalities and newspaper columnist began to weigh in..

Margery Eagan – Boston Herald

“Super Foot in her Super Mouth again,”

Ross Bernstein – Best selling sports author

“If the player breaks these codes he becomes like a cancer, He’s not going to be long for the team because he’s going to disrupt the chemistry of the locker room.” blog

“She just threw Wes Welker, Deion Branch and the rest of the receivers under the bus.”

Fans are now starting to connect some dots.  Hmmm…..They have now realized that Brady hasn’t won the Superbowl since he’s been with Gisele.  Maybe both of the Superbowl losses to the Eli and the Giants are her fault!

That would be the case if Brady played bad, but he didn’t.  Despite Gisele being a, “Girl and a “super model”, she called it accurately; the wide receivers just…..well…uhh…dropped the ball.  Brady played a hell of a game, and fans need to get over it.

There is always next year.  As we all know, fans have short memories.  Expect the Boos to come flying at Gillette stadium next year when Gisele shows up to root for her man…and his team.


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