Madonna’s Stalker Has Escaped – he’s Violent and Crazy! BTW he’s been on the loose for 6 DAYS!!

Robert Dewey Hoskins - Lookn' CrAzY!!

Madonna’s stalker has escaped!!!

Can  you believe that?  In 2012, how the heck does someone escape?

His name is Robert Dewey Hoskins.  He was being held in the Metro State Hospital in Norwalk.  The best part is, this happened on February 3rd, and we are just finding out about it now.

If you are wondering if he is dangerous?  The answer is yes!  Here is his description,

“Hoskins is highly psychotic when not taking his medication and has very violent tendencies,” “The public is being warned to notify police immediately if he is found, and to not engage him on their own.”

He was a big deal in the early 90’s when he made headlines for threatening Madonna.  He said that he would cut her from “ear to ear” if Madonna didn’t marry him.  How’s that for a proposal??  He was eventually shot by one of her bodyguards as he scaled the wall of Madonna’s estate.  He was shot twice as he jumped into the pool just like in the movies.

He was eventually sentenced to 10 years.

Halle Berry is also on his list for “Ear to Ear” recipients.

Here is a clip from the local news where he escaped from…..



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