Anchor woman Kyle Dyer Returns to TV on the Today Show after Getting Bit Live on Air by An 80 lb Dog.

Remember Kyle Dyer, the lady that was bitten by the Argentinian Mastiff.  Well she’s back after surgery.  When you watch the video you have no idea how bad it really was.  It happens so quickly, you are almost not even sure if she gets bitten or not.

Well, she does, and it was bad.  She had toget 90 stitches and 2 major reconstructive surgeries.

Dyer admits now that she made a mistake as she appeared on the Today show with Ann Curry,

‘I got too close,’

‘I think everybody has learned what to do around dogs. I thought I was a dog person,’

‘It was just the perfect storm, We think we know what dogs are saying but we don’t really know.’

The pictures below show exactly how brutal the attack was.  The whole Today show segment can be seen on the footage below.   >>>>SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR FULL INTERVIEW<<<<

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