Ali Landry Tells Wendy Williams how She caught Mario Lopez Cheating [video]

Ali Landry on the Wendy Williams Show discussing marriage anullment from Mario Lopez

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Everyone says that they know Ali Landry from some Doritos commercial that was on back in 1998.  I still don’t remember it, so I had to look it up.  I saved you the trouble.  Here it is:

Ok – I remember that commercial.  Well Ali was on the “Wendy Williams Show” promoting her new reality series “Hollywood Moms Night” when Wendy dug into the details of her relationship with Mario loepz.

Despite doing Doritos commercials we all know that she was also doing A.C. Slater – for 6 years.  Her and Mario Lopez actually got married back in 2004 but had the wedding annulled 2 weeks later.

Leave it to Wendy to get a girl to dish the real scoop.  Landry said that she knew something was up but didn’t have the heart to call off the wedding.

I had heard something right before the wedding and he swore that it was not true, nothing was true. But I had that feeling in my gut. And, you know, all my family (members) were flying away, it was like a destination wedding, it was like a big trip for them. I really should have put the brakes on it at that point. I was afraid.”


After the honeymoon, Landry told her girlfriend that she still suspected something not right and her girlfriend told her that she could tap his phone!

“One of my girlfriends said, ‘If you really want to know, I know how to tap a phone…’ So she did it. And right after the honeymoon I started getting these phone calls from these girls. I confronted him (Lopez) and he denied it. He never apologized.”

Here is the entire Wend Williams clip.  Don’t you love Youtube!!

BTW – Mario Lopez is now engaged to Courtney Mazza – he hit her off with an $80,000 ring.

Landry is now happily remarried to film director Alejandro Monteverde.