Kim Kardashian’s Image Found on a Plastic Surgeons Billboard Without Her Permission!

It sucks when you get so famous that people are using you for stuff that you don’t even know about.  Kim Kardashian was promoting Dr. Victor Ramirez’s plastic surgery and didn’t even know it. In fact she doesn’t even know who Dr. Ramirez is!


A huge billboard, that’s what’s up.  Kim is shown sprawled out in a bikini on the giant billboard found on the Mexican-Californian border.  In a big blue strip there is a quote:

“no arriesgue su belleza, ni su salud”

It means, “Don’t risk your beauty or your health”

TMZ was doing what they are paid to do.  They saw Kim’s image and was curious about the contract that Dr. Victor Ramirez had with Kim K.  They contacted the Doc and he told them,

“Obviously I did not speak to Kim Kardashian. I do not have her number.”


The doctor operates in Mexico so TMZ figured he might not understand the laws completely.  They told him that he needed Kim’s permission to run such an ad and the doctor replied that he would be calling the cops and hung up.

Right now the billboard is still up, giving the Dr. a lot more attention then he paid for.  I’m sure in a matter of hours he will be forced to remove it, but for now it’s proving to be well worth the cost if he was looking for promotion.  The question is, will Kim’s legal team go after him for damages.  The implication that Kim has had plastic surgery could cost the reality superstar endorsements, appearances, etc, thus worth millions in a law suit.  That could easily be the end of Dr. Victor Ramirez and his practice.  If I were him, that thing would have been removed hours ago.