Brandon Blackstock Rises To Fame as News that he’s Dating Kelly Clarkson Hits the Web [photos]

Ever since Kelly Clarkson announced that she had a boyfriend, the world has been waiting to see what this guy looks like.  Ok, maybe not the world, but at least us gossip bloggers.

After some investigative snooping, resources have revealed his name, Brandon Blackstock.  He is the son of Kelly’s manager Narvel Blackstock.

Wow! That is managing at its finest.  It appears that Brandon and Kelly Clarkston have been dating since sometime last year.  There are reports that they even attended the Super Bowl together.


Brandon is divorced with two children but it appears that Kelly gets along with his kids and there is no drama.  An insider even says that Brandon is what she needed.

“Before Brandon, Kelly had a really tough time with love. He’s just what she needed.”

The whole thing sounds really, really messy.  A superstar dating a non-superstar.  Divorced, maybe baby mama drama, and the managers son.  Trust me, this will either end really well or result in a catastrophic failure.

Here’s more photos – honestly, he’s not that hot.  Sorry!

Brandon Blackstock is Standing on the Far Right

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