Raffles Van Excel – The Man Who Allegedly Took The Whitney Houston Casket Photo

Raffles Van Exel aka Raffles Benson aka Raffles Dawson.  He is the person that took the photo of Whitney Houston in her casket.

Raffles has some how penetrated the inner circle of the Houston family.  Not only was he at both private viewings, he arrived in New Jersey on the private plane with the rest of Houston’s family.


A quick peek at his twitter account he describes himself as a” European actor, music consultant and producer he is a highly respected entertainment consultant having guided some of the world greatest.”  You can’t see his tweets as his account is protected.

When the pictures first showed up in the Enquirer, workers at the Whigham’s Funeral home suspected that Raffles was the culprit and they alerted the family,

They didn’t do anything ab0ut it, They’re protecting him. How come they haven’t gotten him out of their circle?”

The Whighams have been taking a lot of heat from the public, as they have been accused of taking the photos themselves.  The say that they were told that they didn’t have to worry about any of those things as the Houston family had their own security,

“The Houston family invited everyone into that room. We had no role in that. We were told their security would handle everything. They didn’t give us responsibility for that.”

During the private showings there were about 35 people allowed in the room, all of whom were “OK’d” by the Houston family.  An employee from Whighams actually identified Van Exel as the culprit.

As far as the $500,000 worth of jewelry that Whitney was supossedly buried in, the funeral director says,

“It was costume jewelry, Please….”

Here is the full story for Forbes


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