Oprah’s OWN Network Fires 20% of thier Staff in “Restructuring” Process.

After the big Rosie firing last week, Oprah went on to finish her house cleaning activities.  With the tidal waves of pink slips went the head of the Creative Services Department and the Senior Vice President of Production Julie Stern.

A source told TMZ how it all went down,

“They did the firings respectfully … brought everyone into an office individually and explained the situation face to face.”

“The economics of a start-up cable network just don’t work with the cost structure that was in place. As CEO, I have a responsibility to chart the course for long-term success for the network.”

The economics that Oprah was referring to was the $312 million it took to start and operate OWN.  The original budget was $189 million.  Own’s ratings have been very disappointing and have seen a boost with Oprah’s, “The Next Chapter” with an additional boost for scoring the interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter.  She hit 3.5 million viewers that night.

With Rosie and her show gone along with 30 staff members Oprah has us all in suspense.  What’s next? Who will replace Rosie? Will Oprah do another daytime show in hopes to save her channel?  Only time will tell and we will be watching.


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