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Transgendered Contestant Disqualified from Miss Universe Canada! Duh!

Jenna Talackova actually made it to be one of the 65 finalists for the Donald Trump owned Miss Universe Canada when judges found out that she….used to be a he.  The Miss Universe organization released a formal statement regarding the disqualification,

“As with any competition, the Miss Universe pageant has rules which apply to all of its franchises around the world. Such rules include, but are not limited to, citizenship, age, and marital status requirements. Additionally, the rules currently state that all contestants must be naturally born females,”


Jenna is not talking to reporters or the public right now.  It’s been said that she might be taking legal action and does not want to do or say anything that would jeopardize her potential case.  Part of the reason, is the rules mentioned by the Miss Universe Organization are not listed on the website.  The only info given are the basics that we all know about:

Miss Universe Canada contestants must meet a basic requirement of being a Canadian citizen and between the ages of 18 and 27 to compete.

They also must not be married, pregnant, and have to fill out a more comprehensive form if they meet the basic requirements.

Rory Richards is a spokeswoman for the 23 year old contestant, she says that,

“Jenna is overwhelmed, and deeply moved, by the support she has received from around the globe, but especially from fellow Canadians that have said how proud they would be if she represented Canada in the Miss Universe pageant,”


Of course organizations are rallying behind Talakova.  Michael Cole-Schwartz, a spokesman for Human Rights Campaign weighed in publicly on the decision,

Jenna is a woman. She presents as a woman, she lives as a woman, and that’s all that matters.

The Facebook page for Miss Universe Canada is now filled with people going crazy about the decision in protest.


Talackova said that she knew since she was 4 years old that she was a girl.  So much so that she started to take hormone therapy at age 14 and went through with the ‘full monty’ at age 19.  As you can see from he photos below, she has developed…um….umm..rather well.

From outside of the pageant it appears that Talackova has been done wrong, but from the stance of a fellow contestant, it’s extremely unfair. These women diet, work out, work and then diet some more to get their bodies into tip top shape.  Men are genetically different and some of these differences could be huge advantages.  Men are genetically stronger, carry more muscle tone, less fat, have broader shoulders and have faster metabolisms.  These are all the things that are obvious advantages in a contest such as Miss Universe.  I suggest a transgendered Miss Universe to keep everything level….wait, Talackova entered that contest in 2010.  It’s called “Miss International Queen”