Did You Know that Jennifer Lopez Wore a Ring Worth $2.1 Million Dollars on Idol Last Night?

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Did you watch 80’s night on American Idol? Apparently the ring that J-Lo was rocking $2 Million dollars.  Actually 2.1 million to be exact!


It’s an 18 karat gold, yellow and ebony wood 50.40 carat diamond.

The rock came from Africa, was sent to New York where it was sculpted and polished and then certified by the  G.I.A. The ring was provided by Cora jewelers. They are the company responsible for the “Sun Drop” Diamond, a 110 carat specimen that is in London’s Natural History Museum.  The value of that Diamond is so huge it can not be calculated.  Seriously!!

Cora CEO Suzette Gomes, was thrilled that J-Lo chose to wear the 2.1 million ring stating,

“Having someone like Jennifer Lopez wear our ring, for me, is the ultimate. She represents a strong woman with a great sense of work ethic and intelligence, She is the American dream.  And now, our American jewelry idol, too.”

Yeah, sure.  Whatever.  Translation: Free Publicity!


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