Ruben Studdard Gets Out of Marriage Without Paying a Dime, Thanks to an Ironclad Pre-Nup!

I reported back in November about Ruben Studdard getting a divorce from his wife.  The one who he met at Walmart.

Now that the divorce is complete, TMZ is reporting that it is one of the “Cleanest” divorces ever.

Although Ruben had a Pre-nup agreement signed by his wife, Surata Zuri McCants.  She plead to the judge that it was unfair.  She claimed that the silky smooth Ruben hit her with the agreement days before the wedding, leaving her pressured with no choice but to sign.

The judge ignored the pleas and the prenup held up.  Surata Zuri can change her middle name to Zilchi!  Nothing.  Nada!  Good Day Sir!

Ruben got out of it without child support because there were no children, no spousal support and no alimony. Furthermore, he gets to keep everything!  The house, jewelry, pension, royalties and the cash in his bank accounts.  Surata had to even give the velvet Teddy Bear back the engagement ring.

Zuri does get to keep some items.  She can keep her wedding dress, her wedding photos, the 2006 Beamer that Ruben brought her, a 10k property settlement and $2,000 for attorney’s fees.

Go Ruben Go! In early January Rueben released a song to celebrate his new found freedom called “June 28th (I’m Single).”  He seems to be enjoying the single life.

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