The blackchelors

The Blackchelors Finally Revealed! What do the Guys Suing The Bachelor Franchise Look Like?

Don’t act like you didn’t care.  We all wanted to know if they were rejected because they are black, or because they are ugly, or if they are black and ugly.

They both appear to be fine looking gentlemen.  If they are tall then I’m sure they would more then qualify for most women, but the question is could most women take them home to meet mom and dad.  Would sponsors pay to see these guys swooned over by 20 white (and black) women.  It would be America’s most feared realization after Barack Obama getting re-elected.


I think ABC has the right to choose anyone that they feel fits the role.  I look a the Bachelor as casting a role just like any other type of show.  They are looking for a certain type for one and for two their defense for the previous choices could be supported by the fact that they have fallen in the pattern of choosing the loser from the previous Bachelor or Bachelorette to be the “Chosen” one for the next season.  The lawsuit filed by Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson state that the producers and ABC

“are making the calculation that minorities in lead roles and interracial dating is unappealing to the shows’ audiences,’

“The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are examples of purposeful segregation in the media that perpetuates racial stereotypes and denies persons of color opportunities in the entertainment industry.’

Like I said, I get it….I’m just not sure I agree with it.  Part of me also wonders if there are better fights to be had then the right to be on the Bachelor.  I guess it must start somewhere, the question is where does it end.

Naturally the attorneys hired by the men feel like this is he next Roe vs Wade.  They feel like it will be a landmark civil rights case that will move social justice and economic equality forward.  One of the attorneys, Cyrus Mehri stated, 

‘They’re doing their small part in the Unites States’ journey to be a more inclusive country, to be a more diverse country, and to be a country that is far more tolerant than this series would suggest.’
The bigger questions is, did Nathan and Chris ruin the Bachelor for all black people going forward or did they open up the flood gates. After this case if there is a black “The Bachelor” it will be criticized and scrutinized to no end.  He or she will be compared to every white Bachelor and if ratings drop it will prove ABC’s thought process, and they will be there with a big “I Told You So!”.
The key to a successful black Bachelor or Bachelorette is to have them extremely well educated, well rounded, well spoken and in fantastic shape.   Everything to guarantee success.  If he or she is good looking enough, sponsors will line up. …and honestly after Boring ass Ben Flajnik, anyone would do better.

Shemar Moore - The Original "Situation"

Just imagine if Shemar Moore was The Bachelor?  Do you think there would be ratings or sponsor issues?  I think not.
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