The Even More Newer Spiderman Trailer has Just been Released, it’s Bad Ass! [video]

I’m sure everyone is as tired of “The Avengers” trailer as I am, so how about a fresh new Spidey Trailer?  Just released is the Japanese version.  You know their stuff is always better than ours for some reason.   This trailer has new, never before seen, fight scenes.  It actually shows the Lizard who is the main villain of this installment.

This weekend at “The Hunger Games” my GF asked me If they were retelling the same story as was told in the First Tobey Mcguire Spiderman.  Good Question!

The answer is no!  Director Marc Webb addressed this very topic recently, as told to MTV News.

“I wanted to give the audience something new, so that started off with getting underneath the parent’s story, which will unfold over probably a few movies,

We don’t totally wrap up that story in this first movie. It’s sort of an ongoing mystery. That was something that was interesting to me.”

The red tights this time will be worn by Andrew Garfield.  Does that name sounds familiar?  Only because you might know him as Emma Stone’s boyfriend.  Emma is also in the movie playing Spidey’s leading lady Gwen Stacy.

The best casting I think is Denis Leary.  When you first see him all you can think of is Rescue Me and how great a job he did with the role of Tommy Gavin. That role will go down as one of the greatest television roles ever; right along with Tony Soprano and Al Bundy!  Leary plays another man in uniform so you automatically feel a sense of normalcy.

Spidey is due out July 3rd.  With The Avengers coming in May and Hunger Games already killing it, “Spider Man” has some stiff competition.

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