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Eva Longoria’s New Dating Show: Meet the Guys Here [video]

Eva Longoria will flex her producing muscle for NBC. She will be producing a dating show called Ready for Love.  The premise of the show will be to help 3 bachelors find their true loves.

In a statement regarding the show, Longoria expressed how excited she was and told us what to expect from the show,

 “This show is about making real connections and the ongoing search for love, something that both men and women can relate to,

I am excited to be a part of such an innovative and promising format that will help these great guys find true love.”

The inspiration from the show comes from Eva’s personal battle trying to find love in her life.


To provide the show with an instant fan base, Longoria enlisted the help of Giuliana And Bill Rancic. They will be co-hosting the series.

The show has not only chosen the hosts already but the contestants as well.  The three lucky men are: Ben Patton (A Dallas financier), Tim Lopez (From the band Plain White T’s) and Ernest Arguello, an entrepreneur.

The twist with this show is the matchmakers.  There are three matchmakers, one for each guy.  The matchmakers will select 4 women each and move them into a private home.  While they are living there, the matchmakers will basically groom them to better match the bachelor they are representing.  Then they will begin to date and the traditional eliminating will occur.

You can get a further sneak peak at the bachelors below.

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