Mariah Carey’s Shape Cover and Weight Loss, A Result of Hard Work or Wealth?

Following in J-Lo’s footsteps, Mariah Carey is back in shape after giving birth to twins a year ago.  She took her new figure to Shape magazine for the May 2012 cover.  During her interview she said that being preggers was one of the hardest things she had to do,

“Pregnancy was probably the best and the hardest thing I’ll ever go through, I know for a lot of women, it can be wonderful and relatively easy. But for me, it was like ‘Okay, honey, do you have to do everything the hard way?’”

The key to Mariah’s weight loss is consistency over time.  Long gone are the days where she could just turn up her exercise routine for a few weeks and shed pounds.

 “I used to be able to slim down just by exercising more, but that’s changed. Since having the babies, I realize that 90 percent of losing weight is my diet,”

“Today my workout routine is more about getting and staying toned. And for me, that means either taking hour-long walks a few times a week or jumping in the pool three or four days a week to do 45 minutes of aquatic exercises,”

All in all Mariah gained a total of 70 lbs with her twins.  She said that she dropped 30 lbs of baby and water and the additional 40 was using Jenny Craig.


So this leaves me to wonder if it really is that hard to lose weight after a baby or are mothers just looking for a reason to be lazy, eat whatever they want and cut their hair short.  Let’s overlook the fact that Mariah is getting paid by Jenny Craig, and as their spokesperson she is probably privy to as many Jenny Craig products as she can get her hands on.  If we look at her workout routine…hour long walks, swimming and 45 minutes of aquatic exercises….the average mom didn’t have that much time before she had a kid, she surely doesn’t have it after.  Let’s not forget the nanny to watch the baby while you work out or cook super-healthy foods.

However – that’s a reason why it should take you longer, not for it not to happen at all.  Just because you had a baby, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be hot!

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