Paramount Releases 7 Character Banners Providing Evidence that G.I. Joe Retaliation will be One Bad Ass Movie.

2012 is going to go down as the year of the movie.  The Hunger Games, Titanic Re-release, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, and Think like a Man (just seeing if you’re paying attention!).

Added to that list is G.I. Joe Retaliation.  If you haven’t seen the trailer, then I have posted it below.  From the trailer it appears that Retaliation is taking G.I. Joe and making it everything the first one should have and could have been.  It’s taking it from borderline goofy teen stuff, to high stakes, real men action.

How do I know you ask?  Because Bruce Willis and The Rock have joined the franchise along with replacing the old director Stephen Sommers with Jon M. Chu.  Another good move is getting rid of Marlon Wayans.  A Wayans brother has no business in a GI Joe Movie; Period.

Paramount Released 7 character banners. Of course my favorite of is the Rock. If he’s anything like he was in Fast Five, G.I. Joe Fans will be in for a treat.

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