Octomom’s Negligence Investigated After TMZ Posted Pictures of Children Living in Filth.

A full on police investigation has been triggered after TMZ posted pictures of Nadya Suleman’s  La Habra, CA home.

The whole incident started when Suleman’s hairstylist filed a complaint with the cops that her 14 children were living in horrendous conditions.  She also said that there were obvious signs of child neglect.

Orange County DCFS (Dept of Children and Family Services) along with three police officers when to Suleman’s house to investigate, this resulted in the photos that you see.

At first glace of the photos you think, this is a single mom with 14 children.  Things get a little messy at times.  But a closer look, reveals this is much more then messy, this is just down right filthy.  There is a difference.

First of all, Are the kids really taking a dump outside on their potties?  Could it be because there is only one working bathroom in the entire house.  That in of itself is an issue.  We have two bathrooms for two people in my house and it’s a problem.

In the photo of what appears to be Suleman’s back with her hair done.  If you look out to the right, she has a door locked with a chair.  Guess what?  The freakin kids are locked in there!!

Then there’s another picture that actually looks right out of a scene from hoarders.  It’s just the filthiest room ever.

I see what the hair dresser was talking about.  She actually talked to TMZ telling them,

“The kids are in desperate need of help, and I tried to help and she’s not open to anyone helping her,”

She was doubly appalled because Nadya’s hair-do cost $500 bucks.

After nearly a one and a half hour investigation DCFS said the children were not in any danger.


Dr. Drew and others pitched in and purchased her a year of child care services and one year of cleaning supplies although you can’t tell.  I think mentally she has just had it.  This is definitely a case of making your own bed and having to lie in it.

I’m not sure how they made that conclusion but they did.  Let’s just hope that they are right.  It would be awful for something to happen to the kids because not only is Suleman negligent but now the State has some skin the game as well.  They can be held accountable if something goe

s terribly wrong.  Remember, the kids are the innocent ones, they didn’t ask to be here and they need protecting.

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