Tyson Press Conference – 10

Mike Tyson Hits Poland to Launch Marketing Campaign for Black Energy Drink

Mike Tyson is continuing is his comeback and taking things Worldwide!  Tyson was in Poland promoting his new energy drink called Black!  Tyson signed on with the company to rep the drink for the next three years.  His face is actually on the can.  That tattoo is starting to actually pay off.

FoodCare the company that owns Black entered this agreement with Tyson with the expectation that Tyson could take the energy drink to the top.  Their goal is to be the best selling energy drink in Europe.

You would think that they could do better then Tyson but apparently Tyson’s star in Poland hasn’t lost any of its glimmer.  He was swarmed by the media during his press conference.

During the conference journalists asked Tyson what in his life he would have done differently and the surprising answer was “Nothing”.  ????

 “There is nothing in my life I would erase – I would not change anything, even if I could,  God designed each of us and we have to deal with it,”

Wow! As noble as that sounds I’m sure there are about 20 things I would regret if I were him.

Let’s start with biting off Holyfield’s ear, threatening to eat Lennox Lewis’ children, and spending up $300 million dollars.  YES!   He earned $300 million in his career which he spent up at the alarming rate of $400,000 per month.  From $300 million to owing $27 Million – to me…that’s regrettable.[more…]

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