Kate Uptons’ Cat Daddy Dance Removed from Youtube…but you can see it here! [video]

Yesterday people went crazy for the Cat Daddy dance.  I got emails and text messages and tweets so I had to see what this was all about.  What was all the hoopla? Could it really be that good? She’s got clothes on, how good could it be.

Well after I saw it, I was the one tweeting and emailing and stumbling’ upon, until the coveted link was pulled from You tube.  Believe it or not they thought the video violated their policy not posting videos with “nudity or s3xual content.

I mean it’s borderline because at any moment a breasstesstsss can pop out, but that’s what make it full of suspense.

Basically the two minute clip shows Ms. Upton wearing a bikini complete with mega side boobage doing the “cat Daddy’.  Then in case you miss it, it’s slowed down and repeated.   Our good friends at Vimeo thought the video is appropriate and for that reason, we get to watch as many times as you feel necessary.  Enjoy!


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