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Fox will air “The Choice”, a Copycat Dating Show based on NBC’s newest hit “The Voice”

When I first got wind of this I thought it was some kind of skit from SNL but it’s real and it will be on FOX.  Leave it up to sucky summer TV to allow something like this to get put on the air.  Who am I kidding? I will be tuned right in, this is the kind of crap that I live for.


When I say it’s just like the voice, it’s close enough for somebody to be suing somebody.  There will be 4 famous people who want to date.  They will have spinning chairs and there will be auditioning their love interests.  The promo spot aired During American Idol Wednesday night and did exactly what it intended to do, it got people talking.


During the blind auditions, celebrities will hear the singles talk about themselves.   If the celebrities like what they hear they pull on the “Love handle” and spin around and come face to face with their potential date.


Just like The Voice the power then switches to the potential date, where the celebrity must pitch themselves  for the date to choose.  Once each bachelor has three dates lined up they enter the “Speed Choice”.  Here each contestant has just seconds to convince the man to select her for the final round.

During the final round a question is given, the person that answers correctly gets to go on the date.

The celebrities have not yet been revealed but the host will be Cat Deeley.

The concept of the show came from Mike Darnell Fox’s “alternative series” president and producers A. Smith & Co.  There will be six one hour episodes starting June 7th.  Five of the shows will be male celebrities and 1 show will be female celebrities.  Here is he spot that ran during Idol below.

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