Interesting Celebrities to Follow on Twitter

In days before such social media tools and outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, celebrities had three ways to contact their fans: Personal interview, press release and responding to fan mail. Now, thousands of celebrities now have immediate and widespread contact with fans on the Internet. Whether you are working on your MFA degree in acting and want some celebrity inspiration, or just want something interesting to pass the time, see below for a list of some interesting celebrities to follow on Twitter.

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  • MC Hammer – The rapper, minister and reality TV star certainly has his share of eccentric tweets. I caught the “Red-Eye” and now it’s time for “Shut-Eye”!!! I had a little breakfast…. wait.. I might mess up my hair ! oh, Le coconut !!!
  • Shaquille O’Neal – The retired basketball star and commenter for the TNT basketball program blurs the line between brilliant art and completely dumfounding statements. Just leavn lebrons party, i have no voice, can u hear this , ………………. C i told u , no voice, lol
  • Conan O’Brien – As expected, the late-night talk show host has some humorous tweets. Apologies to Duke fans, but I really wanted Butler to win so I could write “The Butler Did It.”
  • Demetri Martin – Martin’s comedy is built on one-liners, so Twitter is perfectly suited for him. Last LA thing. Jamba Juice. Dude asks me what “boost” I want. So I asked if they had “superhero.”



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