May J. Blige’s National Anthem at The Kentucky Derby, How Did She Do? [video]

It was a big weekend, Cinco De Mayo, the Floyd Mayweather fight and of course the  138th Kentucky Derby.  There were a lot of concerns from the Churchill Downs crew about Mary J Blige singing the Star Spangled Banner.

When an announcement like this comes out, so do all the comments from both sides of the spectrum.  It’s a bold undertaking and I give the Kentucky Derby committee a lot of credit for going the route of MJB.  Let’s face, it’s Kentucky.

So How did she do?  Well you will have to see for yourself.  There are comments from both ends of the argument,

-the bad

Mary J. Blige’s attempt at the Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem) at the Kentcky Derby was a national disgrace! Did she do this on purpose or is she just untalented and stupid? I, for one am sick and tired of hearing these wannabes make a decision to alter our National Anthem for their own personal whatever. They can do what they want with other songs or tunes, but what she did was a sacrilege. The Kentucky Derby Committe should be ashamed for not finding out what she was up to before letting her loose.

-the good

I was there at the Derby..and she did an AWESOME job and a absolutely fabulous Job. Maybe if The Kentucky Derby Committee got Rosanna Barr to sing it…you would be happier and appreciate it more.. enough said. Excellent job by MJB..

Got to love the internet.  You can judge for yourself.  Like I say To each his own, but or me – she killed it.

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