Rachel Barnes and Justin Bieber

Biebers’ Boyfriend Video’s Love Interest Sets the Record Straight from Jump, “I’m Married”.

Rachel Barnes is no dummy.  After the full release of Justin Bieber’s boyfriend video, his co-star and love interest, Rachel Barnes was quick to speak out that she will not be trying to get at Bieber.  I’m sure the Kim Kardashian death threats from the Elle photos were running around in her head.

She told TMZ that she was taken….like, as in “Married”!

“Justin and Selena are adorably inseparable and I, myself, am already married.  I’m a Belieber, but he’s not my boyfriend.”

Barnes is a newlywed; she married last year and said that so far all of the Biebettes have been cool and that the experience was great.  Saying,

“It’s been great to be a part of the Bieber madness”.

After three incredibly annoying but effective sneak peek snippets, Bieber released his video last week and has been gaining views at a ridiculous pace…as one can imagine.  (Over 17 Million in 3 days).

You can add to the total below in case you missed it, or just want to see it again.  (I still say it’s more Justin Timberlake then Justin Bieber, what do you think? )

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