Glenn & Mitchell

Swamp People Star, Mitchell Guist Dies in a Slip and Fall Boat Accident

If you don’t watch Swamp People then you probably don’t care, but if you do your heart is heavy right now.  Mitchell Guist, one of the brothers from the show died this morning.

It happened at 9:00 AM in St Martin Parish.  The Sherriff  at the scene Mike Waguespack said that Guist fell in the boat after it was launched.

It appeared that after the fall Guist was having seizures.  A 911 responder tried to resuscitate Guist but was unsuccessful.  It was not clear if he had the seizures before he fell or if he fell because he had the seizures.

He was rushed to Teche Regional Hospital and pronounced dead.  There has yet to be an official cause of death released.

Guist’s show with is brother Glenn can be seen on the History channel.  The show was in it’s third season.  Their show just chronicles their lives as hillbilly brothers that live off their land.  They fish, hunt and trap their own food living an ultra simple life.  They even live in the same exact house their grad parents lived in on Conway Bayou.

If you don’t think a scuzzy hillbilly can be likable and some would say adorable watch this clip of him and his brother….just a good, chill guy.  R.I.P.