Yvette Wilson

Moesha and Parkers star Yvette Wilson is battling Cancer and Needs Donations!

You know who she is.  She’s Andell from Moesha and The Parkers.  She ran “The Den” in Moesha and sold it off and then used the money to purchase “Andell’s” the restaurant featured in “The Pakers”.

She also played in the House Party films and Friday.  Wilson has been battling cancer for some time now.

Currently she is waging war against stage 4 cervical cancer and does not have enough funds to pay the mounting medical bills.

To make matters worse her kidneys are also failing and she desperately needs a transplant.  She beat cancer once and after an extended absence it’s back and very aggressively this time.  A website has been created for her to help collect money to cover her medical needs as well as her transportation to the various medical facilities.

This is as good a cause as any so I have embedded the donation widget on my photo website for a week or so, but I think it would help more if she had an old picture of her up there so people can recognize her as Andell!

Then I have to ask the question, where is Brandy, Ray J and Monique’.  Between those three, a million dollars should be nothing.  The link is below – do your part.


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