New ANTM Judges

Tyra Banks Announces new Next Top Model Judges, Everyone Says “Who?”

After firing Nigel, Jay Manuel and Ms. Jay we were all left stunned and wondering who Tyra would hire to replace these names that have been around the show for years.  Well, the wait is over and we are still as much in the dark as we were before.

The new judges will be Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans and Johnny Wujek.  To be fair, before the show, we all had no idea who Nigel and the Jay’s were either (unless you are that much into fashion).  The show made them the stars that we know and loved.

Kelly Cutrone,

She is a publicist who appeared on Cycle 18 of the show.  She is well known throughout the fashion industry and gained her recent fame from MTV’s reality shows True Life and The Hills.  She was Lauren Conrad’s boss.  Kelly is known for her no nonsense approach to everything.

Rob Evans

The British and Irish male model is ranked by as the 17th top male model in the world.  He is represented by model agencies in New York and Los Angeles, Paris, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Barcelona.

Johnny Wujek

Johnny Wujek is a former model turned photographer and stylist.  Born, raised and educated in Detroit, he took a NEXT modeling contract to L.A. where he made the transition from in front of the camera to behind it.  He’s worked with the top photographers and publishers in the game.  He is currently working on his own clothing line.

Cycle 19 will also be different because it will be a “College Edition” and it will involve social media interaction as viewers will be able to vote for their favorites online.   The show will also be moved to Friday nights at 8:00 PM.  That is the kiss of death!

If these changes do not work, cycle 19 will be known as  “America’s Last Top Model”.